Please note that the convenience store, at McLaughlin’s Wharf Inn, is closed.  We felt that business was not sustainable year round and decided to reserve our downstairs space for our guests.  There is a Continental breakfast available in the downstairs area for those who occupy our rooms.

As well, you will notice the “For Sale” sign on our building.  We are hoping to be able to sell the business in the coming days.  We have mixed emotions as we contemplate this.  Over the years we have developed rich relationships with a diverse, cross-section of people from all around the world.  Our lives have been enriched through this experience.  A significant portion of our business comes from an established clientele for whom, Mclaughlin’s Wharf Inn is their go-to choice of accommodations.

In the meantime, it is business-as-usual at McLaughlin’s.  We look forward to serving our new and return guests.

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